From 22. 05. 2024
Until 15. 09. 2024
Language: CZ
Památník národního písemnictví – Muzeum literatury
Pelléova 44/22, Prague

Franz Kafka's Games

The exhibition presents Franz Kafka's literary and biographical texts, related artefacts and documents, mainly from the collections of the Memorial of National Literature - Museum of Literature (Památník národního písemnictví – Muzeum literatury), from a perspective different from the usual image of the author, that of a game. This can be applied in relation to Kafka's ego-documents, to his literary texts, to their transposition in illustrations and other artistic genres, and to the supremely „translational“ art of translation. The theme of the game will also be presented by spatially and sonically rendered documents (video sequences or audio installations). The visitor will discover Kafka, who applied the game with forms, ideas and points in his texts, and encouraged artists (including translators) who related to him in their work to do the same.