15. 01. 2024
Language: CZ
Palác Akropolis
Kubelíkova 1548, Prague

Kafka Band: The Trial

The Kafka Band has been inspired by the work of Franz Kafka for the third time. Following the albums Das Schloss (The Castle, 2013) and Amerika (America, 2019), „Indies Scope“ released the album Der Process (The Trial) in September 2023.

The Trial is probably the best known of Kafka's three major novel projects. But Kafka didn't finish it either

says writer Jaroslav Rudiš, who writes, sings and recites the texts in Czech and German together with singer and visual artist Jaromír 99 in the Kafka Band. They draw directly from Kafka's work or from the impulses that his work gives them.

The Kafka Band is a literary-musical project that also works with elements of visual art. Its soul is formed by the writer Jaroslav Rudiš, the artist and musician Jaromír 99 and the guitarist and producer Dušan Neuwerth, complemented by the musicians Tomáš Neuwerth, Lukáš Morávek, Zdeněk Jurčík and Petr Weiser. To mark the centenary of Franz Kafka's death, the Kafka Band will be performing at several venues in the Czech Republic and Germany; the dates of the individual concerts can also be found on this page.

  • 16. january - Stuttgart

  • 17. january - Munich

  • 10. february - Leipzig

  • 11. february - Tábor

  • 7. june - Cottbus

Photo: Kafka Band