14. 05. 2024
Language: DE,
Het Concertgebouw
Concertgebouwplein 10, Amsterdam


Hungarian composer György Kurtág is a man of few notes and a master of restrained tension. „Kafka-Fragmente“ is one of his most unlikely creations: sparse on all sides, also in terms of text, but so suggestive in its almost painful fragility. Throughout the work, Kurtág scrapes with a scalpel along letters, syllables, vowels and consonants, stripping Kafka's language down to the letter. The result sounds like an intimate confession, with voice and violin – a unique combination – performed by the two Belgian musicians Katrien Baerts and Wibert Aerts with a live video performance with Kafka's drawings by Lise Bruyneel, with the Dutch author Arnon Grunberg talking about Kafka beforehand.

Grunberg is one of today's best-known Dutch writers. Debuted brilliantly in 1992 with „Blauwe maandagen“ (Blue Mondays), which was followed by a stream of widely read novels and other writings, also eagerly devoured by critics. His 2006 novel Tirza reached first place on the list of „21 most important novels of the 21st century“, compiled by the weekly De Groene Amsterdammer.


Kafka-Fragmente, op. 24


Arnon Grunberg text

Wibert Aerts housle

Katrien Baerts soprán

Lise Bruyneel video


production Festival 20.21 (Leuven, Belgium)