From 04. 06. 2024
Until 30. 09. 2024
Language: CZ
Židovské muzeum v Praze, Galerie Roberta Guttmanna
U Staré školy 3, Prague

Oded Ezer: The Samsa Enigma

Exhibition of Israeli typographer Oded Ezer

The exhibition, which incites the myth of a literary mystery that has not yet been solved, fits perfectly into the cultural aura of Franz Kafka's personality and work. Israeli typographer Oded Ezer will exhibit his artistic conception of the covers of twenty-four books by author Gregor Samsa. It is not entirely clear whether these books or their alleged author, Gregor Samsa, ever existed. Oded Ezer plays with this mystery in his artistic conception. The exhibition of 24 book titles supposedly authored by Samsa will be one of the highlights of the „Kafka100“ project of the Jewish Museum in Prague. A guided tour of the exhibition will be available as part of the Museum Nights Festival. An educational programme for primary and secondary school pupils will be prepared to accompany the exhibition.

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