From 03. 06. 2024
Until 31. 12. 2024
Language: CZ
Jeruzalémská synagoga
Jeruzalémská 7, Prague

Visions of Kafka´s shadow

The exhibition, prepared for the 100th anniversary of Franz Kafka's death, reflects on his work through the work of eleven selected Czech photographers and artists. It is also an invitation to interpret, to discover new perspectives and to immerse into the complex world of one of the most iconic writers of modern times.

In his novels and short stories, Franz Kafka takes us into a world of darkness, anxiety and absurdity. His work is full of mystery, misunderstanding and metaphors that make us question our own reality. This exhibition aims to capture and interpret the essence of Kafka's world through visual language.

Each of the photographers and artists participating in this exhibition bring their own perspective to the ideas and themes of Kafka's work. From surreal scenes and bureaucratic structures to character portraits and architectural symbols, the works on display offer a glimpse into the heart of Kafka's literary imagination.

Sink with us into the Kafka's shadow world, where reality meets fiction, and ideas are transformed into images.