From 26. 06. 2024
Until 26. 06. 2024
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MVHS im Gasteig HP8, Projektor
Hans-Preißinger-Str. 8, Munich

„What do I have in common with Jews?“ Franz Kafka's Identities

Reiner Stach in dialog with Franz Kafka

Kafka's works describe a world in which nothing is reliable, in which order is constantly dissolving and the most familiar things can suddenly become strange. We know today that this was not a vision, but lived experience. Kafka grew up in a field of tension between Germans and Czechs, between orthodox, liberal and Zionist-minded Jewry, in which the question of identity was constantly being renegotiated. Added to this was an unfortunate family constellation that forced Kafka into the role of a social onlooker. Is there even a human community, he asked himself, to which I „belong“ in the deepest sense of the word?

In cooperation with the Cultural Center of the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria.

Franz Kafka 1923