05. 04. 2024
Language: DE
Stadtbibliothek Meran
Rennweg 1, Merano

„The Trial“ And Its Manuscript. Reiner Stach Presents the First Annotated Edition of Franz Kafka’s Novel

The story of the original manuscript of Kafka's „The Trial“ seems like a thriller to us: rescued twice, given away once, then finally auctioned off and rescued again. The question of why we need such manuscripts of literary texts, which have already been reprinted many times, has faded somewhat into the background. Do we only keep them as shrines? Or even as objects of speculation? Based on his annotated edition of „The Trial“, together with illustrations of individual manuscript pages, Kafka biographer Reiner Stach explains that this is by no means the case. Manuscripts provide insights into the author's workplace – and especially in the case of such a mysterious text as Kafka's best-known novel, the original manuscript provides valuable clues as to how the author worked, how and why he made corrections and what he was actually aiming for. This volume is the first of a five-volume edition of Kafka's novels and short stories. Stach's edition, published by Wallstein Verlag, is the world's first annotated complete edition of Kafka's works.

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