From 27. 09. 2024
Until 24. 10. 2024
Kulturzentrum Waitzinger Keller
Schlierseer Str. 16, Miesbach

THE GHOSTS OF PRAGUE. Light Condensed Into Sight

The photo exhibition by Věra Koubová can be seen from September 27, 2024 to October 24, 2024 at the Waitzinger Keller cultural center in Miesbach. „Phantoms of Prague. Light condensed into sight“ is a collection of photographs that emphasizes the everyday life of a city and its people through physical conditions to create something special. The photographic medium practically begs us to experiment with light, reflections and shadows, which populate our world as phantom-like apparitions. Ultimately, people also wander through the city as ghosts under such backdrops of light, while things, trees and landscapes often take on a living human form. Similar to poetry, we move through real stories without the image serving simply and directly to communicate. It wants to take us somewhere else, into the world of wonder and suspension, where other, yet plausible forms of meaning open up.

The photographer Věra Koubová (1989 Prague School of Photography) and translator (1980 Charles University in Prague), completed her photographic training with the diploma thesis „Forgotten Portraits“ about her discovery of negative plates from the 19th century. In the 1990s, she initially worked on the project „anstelle anstätte“, in which people and the city meet in a complementary way. She photographed the graves of Bohemian personalities for the volume of memories on the history of the German-Jewish-Czech community in Bohemia, which she published together with the historian Steffen Höhne in 2001. She also captures scenes in conferences that show concentrated people in reduced surroundings. In dialog with literary works, she translates their message into pictorial form, whereas she also uses her photographs to create her own texts.

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